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"Effective leadership is putting first things first.

Effective management is discipline, carrying it out."

Stephen Covey

Our goal is it to propel your company's leadership,

to accelerate its profitable growth and level-up its level of resilience.

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Image by Winston Tjia


Our advisors draw on years of C-level experience, leading companies to extreme growth but also through extremely adverse business realities, transforming business models to turnaround the business and set-it up for future success. 

Our advisory services typically focus on helping companies with strategic planning, change management, organizational development, and leadership development. We provide valuable insights and knowledge to help organizations achieve their goals and objectives, as well as identify new opportunities.

Profitable Growth

Growing a business is an art. It requires to meticulously anticipate, balance and orchestrate many interdependent success factors to ultimately distinguish from competitors, by providing supreme value add for customers.

(1) Sharpen your company's USP and Product-Market-Fit to increase demand for your products and services


(2) Optimize customer acquisition and engagement channels to gain more top-of-funnel through marketing, sales, and key accounting. 

(3) Increase engagement and conversion rates throughout the funnel to increase sales.


(4) Optimize operational excellence alongside your value chain increasing efficiency and effectiveness,

while reducing costs. 


(5) Make use of technological superpowers arising with advancements in A.I., robotics, digitization, VR, etc.


‘Great vision without great people is irrelevant. Your best "strategy" is to have a busload of people who can adapt to and perform brilliantly no matter what comes next.' (Jim Collins - Author of the book 'Good to Great’).

(1) Define and operationalize your winning strategy, tied to your company's purpose, to align your teams with your priorities and move you towards that unifying north star. 

(2) Identify industry-specific leadership requirements and map your leadership team’s profile to make sure all success critical aspects are well covered. 

(3) Assess whether there are vital gaps in your leadership team's skills to be filled in order to succeed.


(4) Evaluate how efficiently and aligned your leaders work as a team, coach them to thrive even more, carefully tying your leaders' personal goals to the company's priorities.


The recent years of digitization, pandemics, supply shortages, and energy crises clearly showed it. It is no longer survival of the fittest only, but the one most capable of adapting to change to not be replaced by other companies.

(1) Assess your organization's ability to anticipate, prepare for, respond to, and recover from disruptions and crises across all functions and departments of your business

(2) Minimize internal financial and operational risks, assessing the processes, communication, staffing, and procedures of the organization. 

(3) Minimize external dependencies in relationships like supply chain, financial and collaboration partners, and implement deliberate redundancies and fall-back plans. 

(4) Strengthen technological resilience, investing in robust IT systems, preventing cyber attacks, plant capacity, redundancy, disaster recovery solutions, and business contingency.

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