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"Leadership is defined by results not attributes"
Peter Drucker

Our advisors benefit from their vast network of leaders they have closely worked with for years.
Our ultimate goal is it to identify, attract, and place the best-fitting top executives in your vacant leadership positions. 

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We work with you to understand your specific leadership needs and business goals, and then use our extensive networks and resources to identify potential candidates who align with those requirements. We thoroughly cross-vet and assess the qualifications and fit of each candidate with our peer network of executive advisors and present a curated selection to you for your consideration. We also facilitate the interview process and help negotiate offers and contracts.


Our advisors have a vast network of executives they have worked with closely over a long period of time. What better way is there to understand the capacity of an executive to be hired into your leadership team. We carefully select a portfolio of potential candidates best-fitting to your profile requirements. 


Our advisors evaluate potential executive hires from our long-term experience working with them in vital management positions. Leaders will be cross-vetted by the peer network of the „Executive Adivors Circle“ before presenting them to you. You will find a clear overview of the nuances that differentiate each leadership profile from another.


Our advisors will help you clearly understand a potential executive hire‘s aspirations and motivations. We will help you tie a fair but attractive compensation and rewards package for each individual. We also allow each executive candidate to clearly understand the non-monetary benefits of joining your company and the role itself.


Our advisors will hand-hold both the hiring manager as well as the successful executive leader candidate from first contact to signature. We also offer and prefer to only end hand-holding once the successful candidate has been onboarded successfully to make sure your business will benefit as efficiently and as soon as possible from its new leader.

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