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Our advisors bring an abundance of C-level experience from some of the

biggest international brands throughout various industries

that your company and career can benefit from.

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Auto / Digtal / Green

Automotive & Mobility

The automotive and mobility sector is undergoing a rapid change following rapid technological progress and regulation. eMobility is pushing the boundaries of clean and sustainable mobility, forcing incumbants to drastically reshape their product palettes, reallocate investments, and acquire new expertise. Autonomous driving will disrupt entire industries and will define the destiny of billion-dollar players. We serve this sector from both ends of the spectrum, offering extensive experience from new and disruptive challengers as well as proven incumbents.

Digital Platforms

Nine out of the 10 most valuable companies globally are platform businesses like Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Meta. This not only applies to the western hemisphere but also to huge economies like China. As Moore's law keeps its' momentum of exponential computing power growth, technological advancement spur eCommerce & Social Media. Both keep shaping consumer behavior and entire industry landscapes with emergent trends like omni-channel, gamification, virtual commerce, direct-to-consumer etc. 


Countries and Continents are racing to become the first climate neutral economic zone. Billions of dollars in funding are being provided for overhauling companies, processes, and technologies. Legislation is being approved to ensure all economic players and even consumers change their habits and plans for a more sustainable future. Your business will profit from our experts' experience, putting it in a leading position to convince customers, as well as potentially benefiting from attractive subsidies provided by your jurisdiction or the EU.

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AI / Robo / Web3 VR

Artificial Intelligence

Time It took to reach 1m users:

Netflix 3.5 years, Airbnb 2.5 years, Meta 10 months, Insta 2.5 months,

the iPhone 74 days,

AI powered ChatGPT 5 days.

AI will determine the destiny of the majority of businesses going forward. It can help to significantly reduce costs and boost a company's productivity across many disciplines.

Robotics and IoT

Automation stands at the core of Europe's decoupling efforts of the supply chain dependencies to China. In order to withstand increased margin pressure, the only remedy for replacing 'low wage supply made in China', we will help you to upgrade your automation standards using the latest robo-tech and IoT infrastructure.

Web3 & VR

If web1 was capable of publishing formerly offline content on the internet, web2 is collaborative but mainly owned by big corporates. It is currently succeeded by web3 applications a new technological trend that decentralize data, trust and code ownership. This entails huge economical shifts and cost effects of entire industries being turned upside-down leveraging the benefits of crypto and blockchain technology.

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Health / Public / Energy

Health Tech

The health and care industry keeps benefiting profoundly from technological advancements. Be it advanced diagnostics through the use of big data and AI, robot-based assistance for operations, therapy and care. We help you navigate the complex healthcare industry by providing guidance on regulatory compliance, market analysis, product development, and business strategy. We assist you in developing innovative technology solutions, finding start-ups, business partners, boards that help you grow your business and improve patient outcomes.

Public & Social Sector

Organizations in the public and social sectors are essential for societal, economic, and general well-being. We collaborate with governmental and nonprofit groups to enhance the lives and livelihoods of the people who live there, bringing about changes that have a big, positive impact on society. 
Our work crosses a variety of disciplines, such as operations, strategy, organization, partnerships and finance. From diagnosis to delivery of enduring impact, we strive continuously to produce observable outcomes that enhance the lives of citizens and taxpayers.

Energy Sector

Europe’s energy sector became a hot topic in 2022, and discussions have not cooled down since, revealing the dependency many member states have on countries like Russia. The crises came on top of ambitious plans to shift to clean energy, transition away from fossil fuels, and rising demand due to the shift to eMobility. Energy production/acquisition, distribution, and storage are becoming ever more important topics to facilitate the shift to net zero. Failure in this sector comes with a tremendous impact on a country's productivity and, thus, the prosperity of a nation.

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