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Unlock the Value of your Executive Community

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At The Visory, we connect executives among each other in a more meaningful way.

We facilitate access to an incredibly valuable peer group to foster top-level exchange,

matching an executive's needs with the expertise and network of other executives.


we are

We are a carefully curated community of experienced executives and proven thought leaders.

Some of our members advise the White House on cyber/AI security issues, 

others filled key roles in some of the world's fastest growing decacorns,

or served on the board of some of the world's biggest brands.


we do



Executive Expertise

Board Candidates

C-Lvl / VP Candidates

Eye Level Brain Sparing


Proven 1st Hand

Executive Experience &

Executive Network of

Board and C-Level


We match the needs of an executive with the expertise and network of other executives.

"I am looking for..."

"...a CxO, (S)VP of xyz, MD Europe..."

"...a Board Member for our xyzTech Start-up"

"...a Leadership Team to kick-start our Geo Expansion"

"...train my organization on AI in order to raise efficiency"

"...someone to help with our China, EU... Strategy"

"... Exec Brain Spar an urgent Window of Opportunity"

"...check my company's Cyber Security Status"



Our community provides help ...

... filling executive vacancies with

executives they have actually worked with.

... advising you on matters in which our

advisors have actual experience of.

We've been there. We've done that.

And we still do. 


If you are looking to fill

leadership vacancies...

... our Community provides trusted leadership candidates that they have actually worked with

(rather than a database market snapshot of

"unknown" individuals)


If you are looking for

executive advice...

... our Community provides proven best-practices & insights from real life Executive Experience 

(rather than analyst research from

"unknown" sources)

Working with The Visory is like a 

shortcut to the future,

removing many

unknowns and uncertainties. 

for our members

When you join our community

as an Advisor you...

... will get access to top-level knowledge exchange on the most relevant leadership topics (AI, War for Talent, Macro Situation, TechUpdate, China...).

... can support the high potentials of your network to

land the next attractive executive or board role.

... can earn an active income by helping your high

potential executives to fill vacancies 

or share your skills and experience.

... can earn a passive income by referring

new clients or advisors to our community.

... can help shape the future.

No base fee.


we work

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